Smith vows: “I’ve just got to wait my time”

MICHAEL SMITH has vowed to wait his time after making four finals already in 2022.

The former World Youth champion continues to deliver consistency at the highest level after moving up to World No.4.

Smith, 31, has finished runner-up in the World Championship, UK Open and two Premier League nights and admits he is learning to deal with oche setbacks. 

He said: “I take my confidence wherever I go. I’m getting really good at recovering from events. If I’ve lost, give me half an hour and I get on with the day after. I think that’s what I’m blessed with, I can forget things so easily. 

“I was even No.3 for a short time. I’ve been in two major finals already this year, I know I’ve not won them. If I can make all the major finals, my bills are paid, my mortgage is paid.

“Obviously I want to win them, but I’ve just got to wait my time. When that first one does come, there will be a lot more.”

Remarkably Smith is the victim of a lot of social media angst but believes he now knows how to shrug it off.

He added: “I used to comment on everything. The best thing you can do is mute them. The minute you block them they don’t know.

“I’ve been playing darts for 12 years and made nearly £3million and never won anything. Who’s more the fool, them or me?

“I’ll keep going and keep going. I’ll probably make another four and a half million by the time I retire. I’ll take that all day long. 

“The only thing I’m fussed about now is a major. Money is not an issue. I’ve got my houses, my wife, my kids, a great manager and family backing me. 

“As long as I keep competing and keep focused, that’s all that matters.”

Smith lost out to Unicorn stablemate Gary Anderson in the Premier League final in Nottingham - and now faces Michael van Gerwen in Rotterdam on Thursday night. 

He added: “Gaz played amazing up there. For someone who hasn’t thrown a dart for six months, it wasn’t too shabby was it? He knows when he’s playing me, he steps up. 

“I had a chance early on and didn’t take it. I started too slow at 5-4, it’s one of them, it happens.”

Words: Phil Lanning

Images: Taylor Lanning