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Thomas Junghans

    Thomas Junghans is the Swiss no.1 and joins Team Unicorn in our Global category of players

    The Swiss star is a former World Masters semi-finalist in 2015, losing to eventual winner Glen Durrant.. along the way Junghans beat the likes of Wesley Harms, Danny Noppert and Jamie Hughes.

    He is the current Swiss champion and recently reached the last 16 of the WDF World Cup Singles. And Junghans is expected to make great strides over the next 18 months. 

    Junghans has been playing on the PDC Challenge Tour during 2019.

    Player Name:  Thomas Junghans 
    Nickname:  TJ
    Date of Birth:  22 January 1977
    Place of Birth:  Plauen, Germany
    Height:  186 cm
    Hometown:  Spreitenbach, Switzerland
    Marital Status:  Single
    Occupation before darts:   Mechanic
    Hobbies:  Darts, Travelling
    Sponsors:  Unicorn, RedLips, Winforce, DartWrap
    Darts used:  Unicorn 23 grams
    Best darts moment so far:  Semi-final Winmau World Masters 2015
    Practice partners:  My teammates from Rangers DC
    Favourite double on the dartboard:  Double 10
    Favourite Food:  Pasta, seafood, steak
    Favourite Drink:  Water, peppermint tea, ovaltine
    Favourite holiday destination:  Las Vegas, Japan
    Favourite Music:  Rock
    Favourite Movie:  Action Movies
    Favourite PDC competition:  World Darts Championship, Grand Slam of   Darts
    Favourite TV programme:
    Sporting Heroes:  Phil Taylor, Michael Schumacher, Michael   Edwards (Eddie The Eagle)
    Best Major Results   
    World Masters  Semi Final 2015
    WDF World Cup Singles  2013, 2017 
    WDF Europe Cup Singles  2014
    Other Wins  
    German Gold Cup  Winner 2011
    Luxembourg Open  Winner 2015
    Soft Tip NDA World Championship  Winner 2006