Congratulations to Unicorn star Michael Smith for winning the PDC World Championship 2023!

Madars Razma

The first Latvian to play at a World Championship is the latest member of Team Unicorn!

29-year-old Madars Razma was rewarded with a two-year deal at Unicorn in the Global category after impressing Managing Director Edward Lowy.

"Madars has already made a splash on the oche and he made an impression with me when he approached me about possible sponsorship with Unicorn," Mr Lowy said.

"We are delighted to have one of the best players from Eastern Europe on the team and we will do all we can to help Madars go from strength to strength. He has done it the hard way that's for sure, but we like the way he goes about his business."

Razma hit the spotlight by clinching a place in the top 32 in the BDO rankings and the top 10 of the WDF.

The three-times Latvian Champion realised his dream of playing at the Lakeside. He qualified from a big field, then beat John Michael in the preliminary round before he was edged out by Geert de Vos in the 1st Round.

But he was at the Lakeside on merit…..Razma also reached the last 32 of the World Masters where again he lost to De Vos.

But it is all about achieving and improving and the Latvian star is aiming high.

He also qualified for the Daily Mirror World Trophy in Blackpool but lost 6-3 to Rick Hofstra in round one.

Razma has won many singles titles over the last few years - one of the highlights was a terrific victory over Ron Meulenkamp to win the Finnish Open.

He has been playing with Unicorn darts for the last five years and his chosen tungsten weapons are Raymond van Barneveld signature darts!

And we will keep you posted on Madars' progress right here on the Unicorn website

Name:   Madars Razma
Nickname:   Latvian Razmatazz
Date of birth:   26 September 1988
Place of birth:   Priekule, Latvia
Hometown:   Broceni, Latvia
Height:   6ft 4ins
Personal status:   Wife, two sons
Occupation before darts:   Student. Owner of firm
Hobbies:   Sports
Sponsors:   Unicorn Darts, Grandbergs Moto Service
Darts used:   Unicorn Madars Razma Contender Darts 25 grams
Best darts moment so far:   The PDC World Championship
Practice partber:   Darius Labanauskas
Favourite double on the dartboard:   D18, D4
Favourite holiday destination:   Iceland
Favourite music:   None
Walk on music:   "Livin on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
Favourite movie:   None
Favourite PDC event:   PDC World Championship. Premier League
Favourite TV Channel:   Sports Channels
BDO World Championship   Last 16   2015, 2016
PDC World Championship   Last 64 2021
PDC UK Open   Last 32 2019, 2021
PDC Players Championship Finals   Last 32  2018, 2020
World Masters   Last 16   2015
Zuiderduin Masters   Last 24  2014, 2015
WDF Europe Cup Singles   Last 128   2016
BDO World Trophy   Last 32   2014, 2015, 2016
Baltic Cup Open   Winner   2014
Finnish Open   Winner   2013
Latvia National Championships   Winner   2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
Latvia Open   Winner   2016
Lithuania Open   Winner   2014
PDC European Tour Nordic and Baltic Qualifier   Winner   2017
Riga Open   Winner   2013
Scottish Classic   Winner   2015
SDC Sweden   Winner   2016
Top Of Waregem   Winner   2016
SDC Pro Tour    
PDCNB Iceland   Winner   2018 (x2)
PDCNB Denmark   Winner   2019
PDCNB Finland   Winner   2019
PDCNB Latvia   Winner   2019
PDCNB Sweden   Winner   2019
SDC Sweden   Winner   2016