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FLISTATEC® /// Flight Stability Technology

Scientific analysis of the air current over the surface of a traditional volleyball showed that it negatively influenced the ball’s flight path. Molten’s ground breaking “FLISTATEC” volleyball stabilises the ball’s flight path by controlling air disturbance through the placement of raised hexagon shaped designs on the ball’s surface.

FLISTATEC® versus Traditional Volleyball

Watch the video to learn more, and to see how Flistatec® stabilises the volleyballs flight path, resulting in a more accurate 'serve', 'spike', 'hit' or 'attack' shot.

1. Super soft artificial leather with microfibre layer

Composite leather with a micro-soft layer for outstanding durability, soft-touch texture, and superb consistency. This ensures that the synthetic material is as soft as a genuine leather ball. It absorbs perspiration while keeping the surface dry. 

2. Rubber layer

Molten’s rubber cover is fused with a thread-woven lower layer to create better feel and ultimate durability

3. Nylon wound

A unique Molten idea. With this unique technology, the thread-woven construction achieves an ideal soft touch.

4. Dual-layer laminated butyl bladder

Has extremely low air-permeability to prevent leakage maintaining the pressure of the ball for longer.


Original Design

Three streamlined panels on each side of the ball with Molten’s original colour patterns significantly improves visibility of the ball in any environment.

The streamline panels of a FLISTATEC® volleyball visually creates a smoother rotating motion.

The color white is easily recognized in any environment. However, if this streamlined arrangement of the fields is combined with the red-green color pattern, the visual perception results in a more uniform rotary motion of the FLISTATEC® volleyball. This original design represents the flame in the letter "O" of the word Molten, symbolising our passion for the game.


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