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Bat Shape Characteristics

Gunn & Moore offer a wide variety of bats, ensuring that somewhere in the range there will be the perfect bat for you.

The Bat Spectrum chart offers an insight into the small, but crucial, differences between each blade. Each bat has differing combinations of swell depth, edges size and volume which allows GM to produce bats for each player. 


It is always worth remembering, however, that the conditions you play cricket in are a huge point of consideration. Often, adapting to your surroundings may not only mean the way you play, it can also demonstrate a need for a slight tweak in equipment.

Pitches that don’t offer much pace and bounce may mean that even a back-foot player, who would normally opt for a high sweet spot, may need to consider switching to a bat with a sweet spot closer to the middle of the blade due to the lack of bounce. Indeed the opposite may be true if you ply your trade on wickets which offer far more carry and pace. In this situation, a front-foot player may not be able to meet the ball on the half-volley as easily due to the extra bounce, therefore meaning that a lower sweet spot may not be as effective for you as a bat with a slightly higher sweet spot would be.

Cricket is a game of trial and error, which is often epitomised by the selection of a cricket bat. It’s a very personal decision and the bat your favourite player uses may be perfect for them, but it’s not always going to be perfect for you. The best way to know for sure is to pick the bat up, give it a knock and if possible try it out.