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Optimum tuning for football referees

  • Designed specifically to suit the professional football referee.
  • Produces a clear-cut high pitched tone that carries for long distances.
  • Superior quality whistle made from long-lasting highly durable plastic.
  • Unique "Flip Grip" mechanism allows access while on the move.
  • Intended for an outdoor setting.


Football referees look for "pitch", "resonance", "solid sound" "penetration" and "impact".  The optimum sound of the Molten Valkeen fulfills all these requirements.

125dB/10cm, 4.15kHz & 3.67kHz, 4oct

A sound achieved through the best technology.

The Valkeen, with two interfering frequencies, 4.15kHz and 3.67 kHz produces a unique beat.  Moreover, the extended fins direct the airflow to produce a solid cutting sound comprising 4 octaves of high-level harmonics.

The Referee and the whistle


The referee must be able to view the game as though from above and must have quick judgment and the sharp eyes that can pick up even subtle movements of the players.

The referee's whistle cuts through the air like a Peregrine Falcon diving through the sky.  The referee symbolises the fairness that controls the game; the whistle is the referee's tool for communicating his will and emotion.

Design Concept and Naming


"Valk," the Dutch word for Peregrine Falcon, the motif for the whistles sharp form, sumbolises the referee's posture with "Keen" eyes watching the Pitch.

The brand name of the whistle "Valkeen" was named after the goddess of war known as Valkyrie prasing a brave warrior.

What is the VALKEEN Flip Grip?

How to correctly blow a referee whistle

Test your technique!

How to clean your whistle

Ensure your whistle is kept in the best working order.

Box contents

1 x Valkeen whistle
3 x Finger 'Flip Grips' sizes S, M and L to accommodate different finger widths.  To determine the appropriate size, measure the thickest part of your middle finger and select accordingly.
1 x Valkeen lanyard

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Barcode 04905741893217
Country of Manufacture Thailand
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Molten Valkeen Football Referee Whistle