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Grade 1 League Match Cricket Ball, Suitable for High Level league & club cricket.

Select butt leather, alum tanned, hand stitched, wax finished.

Newly developed, specially formulated pre-shaped cork/rubber centre.

Four piece ball.

Seam stitches 72/75.

Senior 5.5 - 5.75 oz.

Circumference: 8.81 in to 9 in / 22.4cm to 22.9cm. Suitable for Men, and boys aged 13 and over.

MCC LAW 4: All GM leather cricketballs confirm to Law 4 of the MCC Laws Of Cricket Code 2017 and are hand made to our exacting specifications under close supervision in specialist factories.

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Barcode 054722954837
Country of Manufacture India
Size Senior
Weight 5 1/2 oz
Colour Red
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