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Optimum tuning for basketball referees

  • Designed specifically to suit the professional basketball referee and indoor court.
  • Produces a thick, clear-cut high dual-pitched frequency tone.
  • Titanium mouthpiece frame with elastomer cover to provide a soft resilient surface with superior durability against cracking.
  • 125dB/10cm 4.10kHz & 3.74kHz.


The whistle is the only way for a referee to express his/her determination and an important tool to ensure the flow of the game is as smooth as possible.  When a referee blows the whistle, their aim is to throw sound, to reach all corners of the arena at equal volume.   The result is to accurately convey their intentions to all players and spectators.

A sound achieved through the best technology


The short/sharp form of the whistle, with a motif of a stingray (“Razza” in Italian) swimming with surprising potentialities of instantaneous and propulsive force, symbolises a referee’s posture that reads the flow of the game and tries to communicate by a loud sound (“Blast” in English).



  1. The tone stops the game in the flash of a moment.
  2. The tone should not give the nearest player extra stress.

BLAZZA is exclusively tuned for a basketball game, with quick and strong rise to the full volume, bold and well-articulated sound sophistically balances these two contrary requirements.

A unique undulation of sound is being produced, by two interfering sounds on wavelengths 4.10 kHz & 3.74 kHz


  • For a “stronger rise” of the sound, Molten has made the airflow-path the shortest possible.
  • For “well-articulated sound,” the upper and lower whistle fins have been stretched.
  • For “stable and prolonged biting comfort,” the centre of gravity of the whistle body has been engineered to be nearer the mouth.


A referee keeps hold of the whistle in his/her mouth during a game.  Blazza comes with the hybrid mouthpiece fabricated in titanium wrapped in elastomer in ‘Shore A’ hardness scale, scoring 90 out of 100.  Interestingly, a typical car tyre scores 70, and chewing gum, much lower down the scale scoring only 20.

By maintaining its thickness of 6mm, the softness enables secure & stable holding by the referee’s teeth and the elastomers resilience does not crack the mouthpiece from continuous biting.  Well-articulated tongue movements are possible using the trumpet-shaped mouthpiece.


How to correctly blow a referee whistle

Test your technique!

How to clean your whistle

Ensure your whistle is kept in the best working order.

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Blazza Basketball Referee Whistle