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What size Molten® basketball do I need?


Basketball Circumference

Basketball Weight

Men & Boys Age Guide

Women & Girls Age Guide

Size 7  (Official size & weight for an adult basketball)

74.9cm to 78cm

567g to 650g

14+ & Adult


Size 6

72.4cm to 73.7cm

510g to 567g

12 to 14

14+ & Adult

Size 5

69cm to 71cm

470g to 500g

7 to 11

12 to 14

Size 3

55cm to 58cm

300g to 350g

6 & under

11 & under

All balls have the correct pressure printed around the valve. Correct ball inflation is important to maintain a technically superior product.  Over-inflation will damage the ball.  When inflating the ball with a pump, it is critical that the pump needle is lubricated before insertion, to avoid damaging the valve.