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Set up

Installing your board

Using your Unicorn® Oche-Mate™ follow the instructions to hang your Smartboard® in conjunction with the Steel Tip (Black instructions) measurements. 

Fixed height

The bullseye of your Smartboard® should hang 5' 8" (1.73m) from the floor.

Fixed throwing distance (Oche)

The bullseye of your Smartboard® should hang 7' 9 1/4" (2.37m) from where you throw.

Oche Distance


Press the Smart button and your Smartboard® will wait until you have started the App for the Bluetooth to connect.

The Smart button will flash Green until connection is made.

Start the Scorebuddy® App (your device will ask to activate Bluetooth if not already activated) and wait for the Smart button to hold Green. The icon in the top right hand of the Scorebuddy® App will now turn Red.

You are now connected and ready to select your game and players. Once selected the icon in the top right hand of the Scorebuddy® App will now turn Green and the Smart button will flash green.

You are now ready to throw.

(Note: Android App users need to allow the app access to their location for Scorebuddy® App to function correctly)

 Adding players

Go to settings and press the +

Enter the players name and OK. The players name will now appear in the list.

 Player actions

Go to settings, press and hold on the players name. A menu of actions will then appear and make your selection.

 Selecting players

Once a game has been chosen select a players name in the right side list and it will move to the left and appear in colour. This will be the players colour for the game.

 Playing against the robot

In settings to activate the robot touch the grey icon. Once activated the icon will appear blue and you can select the difficulty level (1 = easy to 9 =hardest)

 Dart activation

Place the point of each dart into the centre of the Smart button before play begins. Failure to activate your dart will result in no score.

 Rotating your board

To enhance the life of you Smartboard® it is suggested to rotate after every session.

When connected go to settings. The Smartboard icon will show the position of the Smart button (factory setting is number 15). To change your Smart button position touch + or - and a new number will appear, rotate your Smartboard® so that the Smart button is in the new number position. Touch save and your Smartboard is rotated and calibrated. Now move your number ring so that 20 is back to the top of the Smartboard.

 Intermittent scores

Please ensure your Smartboard® has enough battery power. When connected this can be checked with the Scorebuddy® App at the bottom of the setting screen. Failure to connect may result from zero battery power.

 General rules


To decide who throws first each player must throw 1 dart at the bullseye, the player nearest to the bullseye throws first and the furthest from the bullseye throws last.

Tip - Remember this sequence when selecting the players in the game.

In Play

The players name will appear on screen when it is their turn to throw and the activation button will show green.In any game each player throws 3 darts, when all 3 darts are thrown regardless of hitting the target the players turn is finished until the next turn.

When the player has removed the darts they must press the activation button for the next player to throw.