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Used to replace a grip easily giving a tight and secure fit.

Ideal easy and fast fitting for new replacement and multiple cricket bat handle rubber grips. Compatible with all rubber bat grips. Alternately, make your handle thicker by fitting multiple grips. Great if you have large hands, or prefer a handle with a greater diameter during play.

Tip Diameter: 2 cm. Base Diameter: 4.5 cm. Length: 41 cm. Weight: 0.23 kg. Suitable for all sizes of cricket bat grip fitting.

FITTING - STEP 1 - Turn your new rubber grip upside down and feed the end of the grip that will be at the top of the bat handle over the narrow end of the grip cone as far along the grip cone as possible. Once you've done this and the grip is on the cone, roll the rubber grip back on itself and back off the narrow end of the grip cone.

FITTING - STEP 2 - Then turn the grip round again and feed the section of grip that has not been rolled into a thick ring back over the narrow end of the cone. This time, continue rolling the grip over unrolled section down the grip towards the wide end of the cone.

FITTING STEP 3 - Once the grip is completely rolled and near the wide end of the cone, place the wide end of the cone over the top of the handle of your bat and roll the grip off the cone onto your bat handle.

FITTING STEP 4 - Continue to roll the grip down the handle towards the bat’s shoulders and when the grip is towards the bottom of the handle, near the shoulders/splice region, start unrolling the grip back up the handle.

FITTING STEP 5 - You might then need to fine tune the exact alignment and positioning of the grip once on the bat handle, and trim any excess. (Repeat steps 1 to 5 if you require a ‘second grip’ fitted over the first).

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Rubber Grip Applicator