Connor Scutt

Player name:  Connor Scutt
Date of Birth:  15 April 1996
Place of Birth:  Carshalton
Height:  5'8"
Hometown:  Kenley

Marital Status:

 In a relationship
Occupation Before Darts:  Currently Plumbing/Labouring
Hobbies:  Field Sports
Sponsors:  Unicorn 
Darts Used:  19g Connor Scutt darts
Best Darts Moment So Far:  Getting sponsored by Unicorn and   having my own darts made
Practice Partners:  Few friends at Trenham Drive Post   Office Club
Favourite Double on the Dartboard:   None, they're all the same size
Favourite Food:  Mexican, especially tacos 
Favourite Drink:  Iron Bru
Favourite Holiday Destination:  Tenerife 
Favourite Music:  Country 
Favourite Movie:  Snatch 
Favourite PDC Competition:  World Championships 
Favourite TV Programme:  Only Fools and Horses 
Favourite Footy Team:  Can't stand football but if I had to pick   it would be Palace 
 Sporting Heroes:  Conor McGregor
PDC Development Tour - Last 64  May 2017
PDC Development Tour - Last 64  March 2017