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Gordon Shumway

He is Germany’s answer to Russ Bray and Sid Waddell - rolled into one!

Gordon Shumway is building himself a reputation as Germany’s ‘Mr Darts’ - he is the country’s top caller on the sport and also a co-commentator on DSF (German Sports Television).

He is part of Team Unicorn Media, joining another German on the growing Unicorn portfolio, Michael Rosenauer.

He is aiming to become the Master of Ceremonies at all the big PDC Pro Tour and ‘Majors’ in Germany.

“I truly believe you need a German on stage to introduce the players. The German crowds are great and - just like the darts - they are growing all the time. The sport is becoming bigger and bigger here,” he said.

The German Darts Championship - the first event was won by Phil Taylor - is now one of the biggest tournaments outside the UK.

He is also making a comeback on the oche after being forced to quit the sport in 1997 because of the dreaded dartitis. “It just happened…one day I could throw, the next I totally forgot my grip. I played with John Lowe 21gm Unicorn darts and they were my friend! Then, in one day, they were useless.”

He added: “In 2001, I managed to find a new grip and now I have my own set of Unicorn darts, it’s time to prove myself all over again - and win back all those titles I won when I first started throwing! The new sponsorship from Unicorn is the perfect motivation.”

Boxing fan Gordon lives in Rodgau near Frankfurt. 50-years-old, he has two daughters Lilly and Nele, plus an English Bulldog called “Miss Holly”.  He’s in love with Linda since nearly 2 years.

He is busy away from the oche, running a Telemarketing Agency, the “House of Darts” – the best darts address in Germany - and he’s the Manager of Nico “Flowerpower” Blum, the biggest talent in German darts.

Shumway - much like Russ Bray - slipped into the caller’s role by accident, when someone else fell ill. He is busy on the German circuit as the top caller in the country. “The highlight of my career came when I was in charge of a huge match between my idol Phil Taylor and Raymond Van Barneveld, now a good friend. It was all part of a ‘Meet The Power’ exhibition in Munich, which was just before the International Darts League tournament that Barney won.”

He had been in touch with Unicorn boss, Edward Lowy, for many years and it was Shumway who asked him if Unicorn could sponsor the two German players Kröckel and Rosenauer.  He has also been following Taylor since 1994. “I have his signature as a tattoo on my right arm and ‘The Power’ tattoo on my left hand!  I also have a big collection of Taylor memorabilia at home and in the office.”

Gordon, who has also called Raymond van Barneveld, Phil Taylor, Wayne Mardle and other players 'exhibitions in Germany, and quite simply, if you want to know anything about German darts, Gordon is your man!

He has also had the seal of approval from Unicorn’s unique Mr.Russ Bray - so he must be on his way to achieving his goal.

Nickname:   Mr. Darts
Date of Birth:   26th December 1967
Place of Birth:   Darmstadt, Germany
Height:   1.79m
Hometown:   Rodgau, Germany
Family :   2 daughters
Occupation before darts:   Running a telemarketing agency
Hobbies:   Darts, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Boxing
Sponsors:   Unicorn Darts
Darts used:   Gripper Gordon Shumway 26gr
Best Darts Moment so far:   As a player: Many times County Champion. As a caller: Final between Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld at the Meet the Power tournament in Munich 2006
Practise Partner:   Various
Favourite Double (on dartboard:   Double 20 and Double 10
Favourite Food:   Italian, Sushi & Bohemian Food
Favourite Drink:   Beer, Jim Beam-Coke
Favourite Holiday Destination:   England
Favourite Music:   Blues, Rock'n Roll, Jazz and some German singers
Favourite Movie:   Blues Brothers and every movie with Robert De Niro
Favourite PDC Tournament:   World Championship, World Matchplay, Grand Slam of Darts and the European Darts Championship
Favourite TV Programme:   SKY Sport, ITV4
Favourite Football Team:   Hamburger SV and Liverpool
Sporting Heroes:   Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld

Gordon Shumway
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