Nico Blum

He is one of the most talented teenage darts stars in Germany and with Unicorn's backing, Nico Blum looks destined for great things.

Recommended by Team Unicorn German MC Gordon Shumway, the youngster is tipped for the top in what is becoming a hotbed for European darts.

The level of interest in the sport in Germany has grown at a staggering rate over the last decade. The country hosts the World Cup of Darts and several big European Tour events. It seems only a matter of time before the Premier League heads there and Blum is aiming to be at the cutting edge of the German tungsten revolution.

In 2016, Blum reached the semi-finals of the boys singles at the German Open. "I am very proud to be part of the best team in darts at Unicorn," he said. "This sponsorship will help me so much in the future. It is like winning the lottery!"

He has already won youth tournaments in the darts mad area of Nordrhein-Westfalen and at the WDF German Open in 2014, when still only 13, Nico hit a 170 finish. A year later he took on and beat Stephen Bunting and David Pallett in exhibition matches.

Shumway had no hesitation in pushing Nico to Unicorn. "I saw him play in 2015 for just one minute and I knew he was the real deal."

Hence his nickname - The Real Deal.....his darting hero is Raymond van Barneveld and he actually got to play against Barney at an exhibition!

He lives in Overath near Cologne and dreams of being a darts professional. Nico has been playing darts since his grandfather bought him an electronic soft tip board. He hits 180s for fun during practice and all the hard work is starting to pay off.

Max Hopp is already flying the flag for German darts. Remember the name because Nico Blum won't be far behind!

Player name:   Nico Blum
Nickname:   The Real Deal
Date of birth:   13 December 2000
Height:   1.67 m
Home town:   Overath, Germany
Personal status:   Single
Occupation before darts:   Student
Hobbies:   Darts. Drums
Sponsors:   Unicorn Darts
Darts used:   Unicorn Darts 'Nico Blum'
Best darts moment so far:   Exhibition match against Raymond van Barneveld
Practice partner:   My Unicorn Eclipse
Favourite doubles (on the board):   D20, D10, D14, D16
Favourite food:   Pizza, Curry sausage and French fries
Favourite drink:   Fanta, Water
Favourite holiday destinaion:   USA
Favourite music:   AC/DC, Motorhead, German music
Favourite movie:   IP Man
Favourite PDC event:   World Championship, World Matchplay, Premier League
Favourite TV programme:   Sport 1
Sporting heroes:   Raymond van Barbeyveld, Lukas Podolski, John Tripp
PDC German Open - Last 32:   2017
Kings Cup. Winner:   2016
Bull's German Ope. Youth semi-finalist.:   2016
6th NWDV Youth ranking tournament (Iserlohn) – Winner:   2015
NWDV Youth ranking tournament (Iserlohn) – Runner up :   2015
NWDV Youth ranking tournament (Iserlohn) – Winner :   2015
NWDV Youth ranking tournament (Iserlohn)) – Winner :   2015
NWDV Youth ranking tournament (Bochum) – Winner :   2015
NWDV Youth ranking tournament (Iserlohn) – Winner :   2015