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Chroma L555 DXM - Senior

Chroma L555 DXM - Senior

Price From: £119.95
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Quick Overview

  • Traditional L555 Blade Length

  • Mid to Low Swell Position for balanced Power Play

  • Sweeping Spine Profile for Superior Pick-Up

  • Pro Lite Grip

Price From: £119.95
Price To: £619.96

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With a full profile and distinctive bow, the Chroma is a bat ready to face any situation at the crease.
The spine sweeps through the swell, tapering into the toe region to enhance the pick-up of the L555 blade, hitting the sweet spot between balance and power. With a mid-swell position and considerable edge size, the Chroma offers equal value for your strokes whether you’re driving on the front foot or cross-batting off the back foot. The Chroma comes complete with striking iridescent labels, which move through a full spectrum of colour to match your full range of strokes.
The Chroma has also been complimented with the brand-new Pro-Lite Grip in Chroma Black/Silver colour detail; the lightest grip GM have ever made, striking the balance between feel and grip.

Made in England from Prime English Willow, and available in a range of grades and sizes.

  • Traditional L555 Blade Length
  • Handle Length 295mm
  • F4.5 Face Profile
  • Mid to Low Swell Position for balanced Power Play
  • Sweeping Spine Profile for Superior Pick-Up
  • Traditional Full Blade Profile
  • Powerarc Bow Face Profile
  • Pro-Lite Grip
  • Made in England from prime English Willow
Additional Information

Additional Information

Bat Size SH
Bat Material English Willow
Blade Length 555mm
Handle Length Short
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

As usual and as expected of a GM bat, first of all the finish is excellent. Second to none in my opinion, the finish on any senior GM bat is truely world class. I have owned several GM bats in the past, however I will have to think twice about another one in the future.

Now, I was very excited to get my hands on one of the new Chroma bats, because let's be honest, it's virtually the same profile that Ben Stokes and Dawid Malan use (just with smaller specs/lower quality wood) so I thought it presented excellent value for money. And, while that is pretty much the case, I can't help but be a little bit let down by the specs of the bat I received, and the performance overall. At 2'9 and "original" grade, I was expecting quite a good piece of willow, and I guess? that's what I got. 12/13 straight-ish grains, strip of heartwood on the inside edge, however quite a few specs on the playing area and a very large knot on the back of the bat (like the size of the palm of my hand). So, not the prettiest bat I've seen, but I'm more focused on performance anyway. The batmaker graded it a pickup index of 2, and, I probably would have given it a 3 myself. It feels it's weight, 2'9 bang on to me. But well balanced, not bottom heavy or anything like that.

Now the specs, the largest edge size I could measure was 33.5mm, and the spine height is 54mm. Colour me unimpressed. No where near the spine height I was expecting, so to be honest when I first saw the thing I thought maybe it had been miss-graded. Definitely not a low density piece. GM's own website quotes the max spine height over 60mm, so to be over 10% under that is pretty disappointing. On to performance.

It's obvious from the side profile this bat isn't meant to be used to dig out yorkers or hit helicopter shots over the bowlers head, but with a 14mm toe (at the widest point!) I have serious doubt's as to this bats longevity. The bottom 200mm of the bat is completely dead, no response at all. While I don't mind a mid-high middle, this middle is surprisingly condensed to the mid part of the blade. It does ping quite well in said middle, but up higher the response also drops off pretty fast. I would say you have a 60-80mm long sweet spot starting from 220mm up from the toe. It's reasonably wide due to the full back profile.

Now, paying over 300 pounds for this bat, what do I think overall? Unfortunately, I think it's just ok. The bat I got might not be the best one out of the factory, might have been a miss-grade who knows. But even if I had got one with better specs, this is probably a bat that is suitable for someone batting in the top 4 of a line-up. If you are coming in 5 or lower, chances are the powerplays are over, and the bowlers are going to be bowling a fuller length with protection in the deep. I think you'd find it hard to hit anything up there past the 30 yard circle to be honest. But if you are playing against good fast bowlers on a bouncy track, this might be the bat for you.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 15/05/2021)
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