Official Europa League Match Day Ball!

The World Cup may have come and gone for England, but Molten have something created something worth cheering about for the upcoming domestic season.


Last October, it was announced that Molten had become the new supplier of the Official Europa League Match Ball, and earlier this year UEFA announced that the Europa League would be undergoing a new brand identity. Now, the fruits of that labour have come to fruition.

The new ball was adapted from Molten’s flagship football model, the Vantaggio 5000. Molten’s unique thermal bonding technology produces a smooth, seamless cover and enhances shape retention whilst at the same time minimizing water absorption, resulting in an exceptional performance regardless of conditions. The dimples on the surface reduce turbulence around the ball while it is in flight, optimizing ball control when passing and shooting.

Giving special consideration to UEFA’s brand, Molten created an exclusive design for the competition’s official match ball. The UEFA Europa League’s new “energy wave” brand identity represents the journey of the clubs throughout Europe, expressing the highs and lows of the thrilling adventure. The wave has been integrated into Molten’s signature style to create a unique and exclusive design and laid out to increase visual recognition, inspired by the Europa League Trophy itself.


The trophy is the embodiment of the UEFA Europa Leagues 45 year history & the wave is directly derived from the cup taking history, fans and players on a new season’s journey. It is a physical symbol travelling around, under & above objects but not through them.

Molten have been making and marketing basketballs, handballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs, of uncompromising quality since 1958 and continues to raise global standards. Supplying the official UEFA Europa League game balls is another indication of the outstanding reputation of Molten, showcasing the superior quality and performance that Molten balls provide.

Commenting on the announcement, Guy-Laurent Epstein, marketing director of UEFA Events SA, said: "We are very excited to work with Molten as a new official match ball supplier for the UEFA Europa League. With Molten, we introduce one of the world's leading ball manufacturers to the UEFA Europa League. Their professionalism is outstanding and we are eager to see how the partnership will grow the passion and energy of the competition across the world."


Kiyo Tamiaki, president and CEO of Molten Corporation, added: "It is our great pleasure to announce our partnership with UEFA, allowing Molten's ball to be used as the official match ball in the UEFA Europa League. Molten strives to be at the cutting edge of technological innovation and is committed to helping further the growth and success of the UEFA Europa League by developing and supplying the absolute highest quality and value products for the greater football community."

The UEFA Europa League is the largest league of professional football clubs in the world and every season, over 180 professional football teams from 55 countries across Europe take part in the league games, including the preliminary round. The Europa League covers 59,000 hours of television coverage delivering a cumulative audience of nearly 1 billion people, averaging approximately 42 million live audience per match day.

The balls are now in stock with a full range of 6 models of the Europa League Match Ball, available in 3 colours, starting at just £9.95. Click HERE to see the full range.