GARY ANDERSON has withdrawn from the 2019 Unibet Premier League due to a back injury.

Former Premier League Champion and Team Unicorn star Anderson, has been undergoing treatment on his back since his exit at the World Championship at the end of December.

The Scot, who was also absent from the Masters at the weekend, has now withdrawn from the Premier League campaign on medical advice.

“I’m sorry to the fans that I won’t be there this year, I’m as gutted as anybody to have to miss out,” said Anderson.

“I’ve really tried to get myself right for the Premier League but it just hasn’t been physically possible because I’m in such pain when I even try and have a little practice and it would risk long term damage if I was to do anything other than rest and undergo treatment at the moment.

“This isn’t a decision I’ve taken lightly but I don’t want to let the fans and myself down by putting in performances well below what is expected of me due to my injury.

“My physio has advised me to rest for a few weeks to increase my chances of coming back stronger for the rest of the year and reduce the likelihood of me suffering repeated problems.”

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